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Shema-OR Blog- words from Shema-OR Designer-Orna Simkhai

Posted by Orna Simkhai on

Shalom my dear friends,  בס"ד
I want to welcome you to my new website and my new Blog page.
You ,my dear supporter, brought me here, where i am today, walking on a golden path of compassion and integrity.
Thank you for helping me to reach out my goals and to be able to “GIVE-BACK” and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in People's lives around the world.
I am welcoming you to write here in this blog post your stories about the Shema-OR Jewelry and your visit at our Show room.

With much love,

Orna Simkhai



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  • Shalom Orna….I have purchased many of your shema products….a diamond shema for myself….many key chains…as gifts….bday gifts….too… Everytime, I wear my shema….I get many compliments…I love it ….I purchased mine and my daughters….many years ago…when you welcomed us into your home in Westchester……and even invited us for a yummy dinner….which we did not stay for….
    It was wonderful too have met you and your husband…..I ❤️ loved my shema from the day I purchased it…and wear it with pride! I thank you….and hope our paths cross again…..loved dealing with you….shalom….✡️

    Roni on
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    Jennifer on
  • I want to return 2 bracelets because they are too small for me….. I don’t know how?
    my order was 1690….

    Cristina Paez on
  • I have been buying Orna’sjewelry for several years. I give it as gifts and everyone always loves her pieces. I gave it to a young lady who is not Jewish and explained that Orna’s jewelry brings blessings and good luck to all who wear it . She was very happy with it and she does not take it off! I try to stop in to see Orna whenever I am in New York City. She welcomes me as if I am family and she is a dear friend and a truly kind and giving human being. ❤️
    Robin on
  • Dearest Orna… I must tell you the conclusion of my brother in law’s (Bill) surgery for which you prayed for him… The night before the surgery, I placed my Shema Or pendant on my sister and she wore her Shema Or earrings… During the procedure Bill’s heart stopped… Within 30 seconds he was revived and he is doing very well! As Judy relayed the information to me by phone, I could hear her pained heart but when she got home that nite after Bill was resting comfortably, she started to cry and say that it was the Shema Or pieces that brought him through … She just knew it! Our “belief” system runs deeply because of you! I love you Orna! Bless you ALWAYS!

    Ronnie Sue Roth on

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